Kelab Media dan Teknologi UTP or well-known as UTP Media and Technology Club (UTP MEDTECH Club) is going to organize an event, called Cyber Gen on 28th February 2010 to 3rd April 2010. This is a brand new event, replacing Cyber Kids which is basically have the same target but at the same time has been enhance to make sure that more people will get the benefit from this event.

The main objective of this event is about charity. Unlike the previous Cyber Kids which was only done for one school at a time, this time the target is to do our charity work to two schools. At the same time, Cyber Gen is also targeting school teachers as one of the medium to share our knowledge in technology as well.

Cyber Gen offers them the knowledge for web development which is the important publishing medium for the school nowadays. This event can give exposure to the targeted participants about elements of media.

Target participants:

  • High committees of MEDTECH
  • MEDTECH event committees
  • Members of MEDTECH
  • Teachers
  • School students

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